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"Suzette Schmidt is a strong and clear channel for Spirit!  I have experienced her skills with mediumship, channeling, the Akashic Records, animal communication, sacred drumming, and Reiki -- both as her client and as her colleague -- and I am always impressed by the clarity and integrity with which she speaks, heals, and helps.  Suzette is an amazing Lightworker, and Akashic Soul Visions has my highest and heartfelt rcommendation!" 
                           -- Elizabeth S. Eiler, Ph.D., Reiki III -- Seven Stars Healing Arts, LLC  

"Suzette is a sensitive, compassionate intuitive. Over the past 7 years, I have had several private readings with Suzette. She has always given me guidance and information that has turned out to be verified and accurate. Many times, she has given me great insight into the lives and lessons of my family members and my pets. Besides being a great intuitive with a deep sensitivity for animals, the planet, and people, she is a great person! Helping others is her life work!"  
                                                      -- Lenore Hamill, Owner -- Morning Light Bookstore